Afghanistan, Bollywood, North Stars, and Driving down the Konkan Coast: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Re:Set talks about why Bollywood needs to get over its Mother India Syndrome. "While depicting ‘modern,’ ambitious women, most Bollywood films treat pregnancy as the ultimate goal," the article states.

Meanwhile, Naghma Mulla speaks to Flavia Agnes of Majlis. Flavia started Majlis in 1991 to provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault along with conducting gender sensitization training for the police. "My friend challenged me that I was wasting my time on impossible ideas because I did not have the credentials or the confidence to be a lawyer and really work for women. So I made a decision.  I would be a lawyer," recalls Flavia.

To support the incredible work that Majlis does, click here.

On the other hand, Insia Lacewalla drives us down to the Konkan Coast in her latest Travel Blog. "The people on the coast are super kind and happy to help with directions and recommendations. It's super safe to travel, just make sure to respect your surroundings in small towns," she writes.

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