Shershaah, Online Classes, Partition, and India at the Olympics: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Ritika Mahajan talks about how online teaching can transform the future education system? "In my interaction with students in the past year, I observed that the majority are happy with the results, but they are yearning to go back to offline classes," she writes

Meanwhile, Re:Set speaks to Murlidhar Thilakesh on the fact that after 74 years of the India-Pakistan partition, the trauma still lingers for the next generation. "When the Indian subcontinent split into India and Pakistan in 1947, for millions the loss of land and wealth were second only to the loss of a home and community. The exodus of 1947 — the largest the subcontinent has ever seen — irrevocably changed the lives of millions. One of them was Murlidhar, Gehena Thilakesh’s grandfather," the article states. 

On the other hand, HarperCollins India introduces the comprehensive graphic collection celebrating a century of Team India at the Olympic Games by Rajeev Mehta, Secretary-General, Indian Olympics Association. "Packed with rare images and colorful illustrations, India at the Olympics traces the unique history of the Olympics from the time of the Ancient Greek Olympics to its present modern-day avatar. It focuses on India's 100-year participation and its achievements and records," the article states.

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