How to make money from your Creative Content: MasterClass by Vijayendra Mohanty

"The first point to keep in mind is consistency," said Vijayendra while talking about how he makes money from his content. "Consistency grows over time. Initially, it might not fetch you the desired outcome immediately, however, in the long run, it helps you scale the other important factor - Community," he adds.

ScrollStack MasterClass on How to make money from your Creative Content was held on June 18, 2021. Vijayendra Mohanty, a writer, and podcaster. His podcast, Vimoh Talks is about the present and future of India that tries to explain contemporary social and political issues using science fiction and fantasy as a filter.

Here are the key lessons from our session on how to make money from your content:

There are a few tools that a creator can use to grow both the engagement and community. They are the following:

  1. ScrollStack - ScrollStack is built to enable everyone – writers, poets, podcasters, video makers, journalists, and others – to be able to fund their work through direct payments from fans. You can post articles, podcasts, photos, sketches, and videos in the language of your choice. You can make your content free, available only to your followers, or charge for it – anywhere in the world.

  2. Patreon- with Patreon, you can let your fans become active participants in the work they love by offering them a monthly membership thereby developing a recurring income stream.

    For example, Vijayendra has two accounts with ScrollStack. One called Kalpfiction, which is his science fiction anthology, and the other, where he pens down his thoughts on Social Issues.

  3. Buy me a coffee - this platform also helps you earn a recurring income by accepting monthly or yearly membership. It helps in enabling creators to share exclusive content, or just give them a way to support their work on an ongoing basis.

Building sustainable living out of your creative interest

A creator is someone who makes original content that may or may not be mainstream. Your goal should always be to build on the content keeping two key aspects in mind- Consistency, and Community.


"You have to produce content on a regular basis and you have to do it while keeping in mind who you are producing it for," says Vijayendra.

The promise of this masterclass is not to make believe that you can be a millionaire by writing short stories rather to help you understand the ways to create sustainable living out of it. "When I say sustain yourself, I want to set expectations on a realistic level. The purpose is that you should not necessarily have to struggle in order to sell what you make," he clarifies.

Consistency precisely means that there has to be some amount of bulk. For example, if you are creating a webcomic, you need to be able to create at least two to three comics every week because consistency results in a few important things: For starters, it leads to long-term growth. The first time you publish a story, someone will read it. The second time you publish a story someone will not only read it but come back to your website and look for another story.


Continued engagement along with content from the creator creates a relationship that enables readers to share your content with others, thereby scaling both engagement and community.

Another very important aspect is Engagement. A creator should always engage with his audience. There are several ways in which you can do that: Live-Streaming, YouTube, Clubhouse being a few among others.

You can watch the entire session with Vijayendra Mohanty here:

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