Letter to a dog, women fighters of healthcare, and regional children’s stories: What's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Paradox posted about patriarchy and the women fighters of healthcare. “Although there’s a gradual increase in female representation in the profession of medicine, leaving behind some specialities of medicine, the astonishing lower number of male nurses and institutes for recruiting and training them is very alarming."
Ron Fassler wrote about the musical theatre actor and TV star John Cullum returning to the stage at the age of 91.
Naresh Fernandes wrote about the Theodore brothers: Joe, Harry, George and Bertie aka Lups, who led one of the first Indian swing bands to play a stint at the Taj in the late 1930s.
Also, for all you writers, there's an opportunity to get featured in UNREAD 2021 - an anthology comprising the works of 100 writers from all over the country, launched annually by Platform For Artists. The last date to submit your entries is April 15. For more information on how to submit your stories, poems and haikus, click here
Happy reading and writing!

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