Rising Covid19 cases in India, useReducer hooks in React JS, and more: What's trending on ScrollStack this week

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Simi Shah, who grew up in the Atlanta suburbs, reflects on her experience of being Asian and Atlantan at the present moment in time. “In this moment, I know that even as an Asian American, as an Indian American, I have privileges that others don’t. But this is not unfamiliar. Not here in Atlanta, as multicultural as we are,” she writes for URL Media.
The latest episode of On Record Podcast breaks down why Covid19 cases are rising in India once again.
Fuzzycurls, who is new to the ScrollStack creator community, reflects on how everyone is beautiful in their differences. "The outer beauty you are counting on will eventually fade away. And if you being judging others by the outer beauty can only make you beautiful in your own eyes and not others,” she writes.
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