Announcing new features for audio storytellers and podcasters

Audio creators face a paradox: there is a large and growing audience for their work, but it’s difficult to build a following and earn from fans. 

Our latest refresh is a step towards addressing some of the gaps as we build ScrollStack as a marketplace that allows more creators to join the passion economy. 

These are two ways in which you can use ScrollStack to create audio posts:

1. Upload a native audio file

The third option on the editor menu will allow you to do that. We support audio with formats like mp3, m4a, aac, wav, or flac.

The biggest advantage of using the native option is that you can lock the file for followers or charge for it. You set the price (and keep 90% of that) – something no other platform allows you to do. 

Another advantage is that when uploading audio files from your device, there is no limit on the text, images, and other context you can add to your post. This helps you get easily discovered by search engines on the web. Here’s why search engine indexing is useful.

Moreover, this will not pose any conflict with putting up your work on Spotify/Apple as well. This brings us to the second way you can post your audio files on ScrollStack. 

2. Embeds from Spotify and Apple

If you want to simply embed your work from Spotify and/or Apple, here’s how you can do that.

You can embed individual episodes or even your entire podcast. Here's how it will look:

While we recommend the native post, you can start with embeds if that appeals to you. 

The popularity of audio content – podcasts, audiobooks, interviews, personal opinion pieces, voice searches, news, and more – is on the rise. Listening allows you the time and space for multitasking: in fact, as a market, India is number three on podcast listings

To learn more about podcasting and how to monetise your audio content, watch/read about our MasterClass on The Art of Podcasting with the host of The Filter Koffee Podcast, Karthik Nagarajan.

With our new features, the experience of creating audio content on ScrollStack is now even more seamless for audio storytellers. Let us know how we can improve your experience by writing to

Happy recording!