If you’re a Tech creator, ScrollStack is the right platform for you. Here’s why.

The technology writers and programmers out there looking to communicate more widely can now do so with the help of these new features built to support their work.

Here are the new features.

Code Block support

The ScrollStack editor menu has a new addition: the "</>" option. Based on highlight.js – syntax highlighting for the web – our code block autodetects programming language and applies the appropriate syntax highlighting.

Here we have examples of Python and Javascript.


ScrollStack’s new functionality on code embeds is a first for a non-tech blogging platform in terms of its sophistication.

While a platform like Medium does allow code block support, on ScrollStack, we offer tech creators the functionality to colour code embeds.

Here’s how a python code will look like on ScrollStack (top) versus the same code on Medium.

We hope you enjoy using these features, and create content about your passion areas. Write to us at creators@scrollstack.com if you would like your work to be featured on our homepage.

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