How to use social media to promote your ScrollStack posts

Once you’re done posting your writing/podcast/photo essay/video on ScrollStack, it’s time to share it with your readers and followers – and find new fans of your work. Social media gives you the opportunity to do just that and helps build an audience. 

Here are some tips to use social media effectively to promote your posts, attract readers and get new exposure. For now, we are going to focus on the free resources available. 


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This social media platform helps build a brand, find readers who actually read, and fosters community building. The audience there is mature, but they engage, read, and share. 

Besides publishing your ScrollStack post link on your Facebook timeline along with a brief introduction/snippet from the post, you can also share stories on the platform.

As a creator, you can make a page of your work on Facebook – this helps build a brand and separates your personal social media presence from your creative/professional one.

Tip! Look for Facebook groups that match your content and share the work you've created on ScrollStack [eg: writing groups for stories and essays, photography clubs for picture stories, etc]. Engagement tends to be better on Facebook groups and sharing your work there helps create a loyal readership.

Another way of engaging with your audience on Facebook is through videos. You can shoot a short clip explaining your work and direct the audience to your ScrollStack page. You can also do a live chat with your friends and followers to talk about your stories, photography, podcast, graphics, illustrations, and more.

Tips for sharing on Facebook

  1. Post your ScrollStack link with a sharp and engaging share text, and make sure the cover image of your link is revelant to your post and not too text-heavy. 

  2. Create multiple share posts and memes.

  3. Share your posts along with gifs or a quick video.


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Twitter is a great platform for conversations, tracking news, and for getting the word out there. This is how you can use it to promote your work:

  1. The best way to use Twitter is to tweeting your ScrollStack post link along with engaging share text. When sharing your work the second or third time, you can use gifs or images from your post.

    Tip! Make sure the share text you use with your tweet is compelling. A quote from the post also works.

  2. Use threads! You can share multiple ScrollStack posts on the same thread to show the breadth and diversity of your work.

    Tip! While threading a ScrollStack post, use videos or photos besides share text to mix it up.

  3. Use hashtags whenever possible, it helps with the visibility of the tweet.

    Tip! Check Twitter's trending section and use hashtags from there if they match your post. Use a maximum of three hashtags.

  4. Tag the accounts of people/organisations you have mentioned in your post/tweet. 

  5. Share your story multiple times a day. Don't worry about spamming your followers, Twitter's algorithm takes care of that. As a reader, our span is so tiny and we scroll through social media so frequently, it's very easy to miss out on interesting content.

    Tip! Once you're done sharing, check Twitter analytics to find out the impressions you've got from your account, and which tweets worked and which didn’t. 


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While Instagram is primarily a photo and video sharing platform, don't be afraid to share your articles, essays, poetry etc. on it.

Here's how to use the platform to promote your work and build a brand.

  1. Post screenshots of your post on IG story, but don't make it text-heavy.

    Tip! Add the links of your latest post/ScrollStack page in your Instagram profile bio.

  2. Can do a thread-like version on IG stories as well – this helps build up to your story. 

  3. Add a nice/compelling photo that matches the theme of your work on ScrollStack as the Instagram post. Talk about what compelled you to create your work, touch upon your motivation and then direct the audience to the link in the bio.

    Tip! You need a business IG account and a certain number of followers to get verified/swipe up option on your stories.

  4. Instagram is a visual medium, so you can add videos where you talk about your work. Since the platform is giving a big push to Reels, these clips can be long IG videos or small, quick reels. 

  5. Use relevant hashtags. Even if you don't like flooding your caption with the hashtags, add hashtags in comments. This helps with visibility and discoverability. 

  6. Add engaging captions.

    Tip! Also share your post on Instagram stories for friends and other followers to see. 

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