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अभी सुलगते हैं रूह के ग़म, अभी धड़कते हैं दर्द दिल के
अभी तो एहसास जी रहा है.
                                                      ~ गुलज़ार 

English poet David Whyte once said, “Poetry is language against which you have no defenses.” Poetry is often considered a language in itself, an art form of deep emotions and a revelation of hidden feelings. 

For everyone publishing poetry – in Hindi, Urdu, English, and more – on ScrollStack, and for all the poets out there who are planning to, here are some tips and best practices. 

On ScrollStack, you can post your poems, shayaris, and more in audio format as well!

You can read it out loud and post an audio file, which can be uploaded directly from your device. The third option on the editor menu will allow you to do that. We support audio with formats like mp3, m4a, aac, wav, or flac.

Here's what your audio files will look like.

Reading out James Wright's 'Beginning'

Online poetry is somewhat different from the poems written in diaries and journals, where a poet can freely decide the amount of spacing for emphasis. Online, the words you write are just as important as how they’re presented, so you can catch hold of the attention of the reader.

On ScrollStack, these simple formatting options will make your poems, shayari and gazals look consistent and visually appealing. 

Using paragraph spacing in your poems can be hard for a reader because it’s difficult to find a rhythm that way.

Instead, single space your poetry on your laptop or desktop simply using Shift+Enter after each line.

Paragraph spacing can be done using Enter. 

Here’s how the formatting will look like on your ScrollStack page:

This is Your Poem Title

The wind in my hair
The sand in my toes

The salt in my drinks
The warmth in my lungs

I crave it all.

Tip! Add a cover image to your poems on ScrollStack to make your posts more visually appealing. Make sure the picture you select goes well with the theme of your poem. 

Here are some free stock images websites to help you find the right picture.

Go ahead and experiment with different styles and formats – that’s the best part. We hope you enjoy posting poetry on ScrollStack!

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