How embeds work on ScrollStack

ScrollStack supports a wide range of audio, video, and visual embeds from platforms ranging from Spotify, Saavn, Vimeo, and YouTube to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

To embed an element to your post, simply click on the black and white plus sign to expand the editor menu. The fourth option on the menu bar allows you to “paste or type a link” of the media you wish to embed. Press enter to convert that link into an embed.

Tip! ScrollStack does not ask you to use embed codes. All you need is the URL of the media that you wish to embed.

You can also upload audio files directly from your device! The third option on the editor menu will allow you to do that.

This is what your audio files will look like.


Here’s how some popular embeds will appear on your ScrollStack post.




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Apart from adding different kinds of media to your ScrollStack posts, you can also embed links from e-commerce platforms – like links to books.

Here's how these embeds will appear on your ScrollStack post.



Moreover, you can also embed a published ScrollStack post! Here's what the embed looks like.

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