Tabbar, Attention Economy, the Tuesday Dispatch, and a Year in Art: Here's what's trending on this week

This week, Anisha Saigal reviews Tabbar. "Singh’s world in Tabbar (2021) is made of the same insanity. To protect the ones you love, and to fight for your family, what can you do and how far can you go?" she writes.

The series is available for streaming on Sony Liv in India,

Meanwhile, TypeRight speaks about Hate Speech. "The new year in India started with yet another online hate crime. An online app that surfaced on the platform GitHub did a mock auction of Muslim women activists, journalists, lawyers, and student leaders," the article states.

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Tabbar takes loving your family seriously by Anisha Saigal

How the attention economy is destroying India by Vijayendra Mohanty

The Tuesday Dispatch by Meera Ganapathi

A Year in Art: 13/365 by Aparna Andhare

कज़ाखस्तान में बवाल, पुतिन का गेमप्लान, जानसन की मुश्किलें और ओमिक्रान की सुनामी by Anand Pradhan

Chapter Thirty-One: It is Hate Speech All Over by TypeRight

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