Karsh Kale, 42 Goodreads, Digital Access, and the Dimensions of Poverty: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Kripa Krishnan who runs Shedding Light on ScrollStack interviews Karsh Kale, who is best described in the words of the former US President, Barack Obama as someone who "mixes eclectic beats with the sounds of his heritage to make a sound that is distinctly his own".

"The digital world evolved as my career was evolving so each album was an exploration of what new tech was available. My first album was recorded in a big studio to 2-inch tape whereas my last one was done during lockdown on my laptop and was only released digitally.  I would however like to start releasing vinyl again," he shares.

Check out his music here,

Meanwhile, TypeRight speaks on the Digital Access and the Multiple Dimensions of Poverty Index. "As Facebook and Google fight for dominance over the online payments space, an interesting report confirmed what many had predicted for long: the age of classified advertising is long gone, and has been replaced by the digital. Facebook and Google's ad revenue from India (at Rs 23,213 Cr) is more than twice that of the top ten traditional media companies taken together (Rs 8,396 Cr)," the article states.

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