Mental Health, Irene, Catch-22, and a Brief Note on Loneliness: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Aman Arora speaks on Mental Health. "There should be a forum for voicing feelings & emotions honestly and frankly. When a person sees another person going through something similar, it gives the person a sense of belonging, freedom, and courage to speak their hearts out too," he writes.

Meanwhile, Aradhye Ackshatt reviews Catch-22 on Disney Plus Hotstar. "Suffice to say that the series digs just deep enough for us to feel sad for those who die, angry at those who get away with murder, and peeved at the whole "system" in general. That is the aim of the book: empathy," he writes.

The series is now available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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"IRENE" by Ron Fassler

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