Capturing Untold Stories: MasterClass by Naghma Mulla

"It's all about listening. The speaker leads the way. Listening without interrupting and honoring the speaker's story is very important" said Naghma while talking about how she captures untold stories. "First drafts can seem unsatisfying. But that shouldn't be taken negatively at all. Pause, take some time out, revisit the content. It's always good to learn as it comes," she adds.

ScrollStack MasterClass on How to Capture Untold Stories was held on October 8, 2021. Naghma Mulla, the CEO of EdelGive Foundation, has driven the vision of the foundation, strengthening its core principles of collaborative philanthropy; and transforming it from a grant-making foundation to a philanthropic asset management platform, today.

In her attempt to capture untold stories, she has spoken to eleven people leading some incredible organizations, titled the North Star Series.

Here are the key lessons from our session on how to capture these untold stories:

  1. Getting into the heart of the matter- understanding the motivations, dreams, and aspirations of the speaker are highly important. It is crucial to understand the why and how of what led them to enter into their field.

  2. Leaving the reader with Lasting Impressions- while writing, it's important to keep a few questions in mind, namely, how do the reader and the subject meet? and, what do you leave the reader with?

  3. It is not MY story- it's always important to keep in mind that awareness is key, you don't want to underplay or overstate anything. Keep the story simple with less jargon and to the point.

  4. Discipline is key- it's important to remember why you started capturing untold stories, in the first place. Keep writing!!

  5. Feedback- feedback is very helpful but it should be constructive, depends on who you take it from.

You can watch the entire session with Naghma Mulla here:

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