Clickbait, Digital Divide, Playstyle Podcast and what the Media isn’t saying about Haiti: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, URL Media continues to focus on Haiti, and the ongoing humanitarian crisis on the island and the United States' border. While the U.S. government was hoping for new elections in Haiti, its people are migrating as a result of the Aug. 14 earthquake that devastated the Caribbean nation, and the sense of uneasiness associated with the Haitian president's assassination in July --still remains palpable.

In the other newsletter, TypeRight talks about Facebook. The Wall Street Journal has broken multiple stories telling us something we've heard before- Facebook is causing a lot of harm to its users, deliberately. "The world now has solid documented evidence that Facebook is causing mass hatred, violence, is engaging in non consensual mind control experiments, is causing mental health harm, is damaging democracies, promoting fake news and more," the article states.

On the other hand, Ishan Manjrekar speaks to Nitin Goel, Bibliophile, and creator at ScrollStack. Tune in to listen to their podcast here.

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