Duke’s, Manchester, YouTube Brandcast, and Thriving in the Modern Workspace: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Hrishikesh Singh returns to his home-ground, Chembur for yet another edition of #MumbaiMatineeMarg. This time talking about Dukes & Sons. Who, at one point were one of the biggest soft-drink companies in Maharashtra, India. "Fortunately, I made it to the factory in March 2018. One last time before it was brought down. In July 2018, the Dukes & Sons factory in Chembur was demolished," he writes.

Meanwhile, Abhishek Baxi brings Insights from the YouTube Brandcast 2021. At Brandcast, YouTube's annual advertising event, the company shared significant shifts and emerging trends in user behavior. "With 85 percent of video viewers coming to YouTube to learn or improve their skills and some of these channels garnering sizable subscription bases, YouTube is transforming into one of the largest learning communities in the country," he writes.

On the other hand, Rishad Tobaccowala speaks about the three interacting forces that are sculpting a new terrain for the future of work- Globalization, The three A’s of technology, and Covid-shock driven behavioral and structural change. "Despite what you may be hearing most smart companies are recognizing that to compete for top talent, retain flexibility and agility, and control costs they must significantly reduce their physical footprint," he writes.

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