Introducing Playstyle Podcast, Manhattan, Horror Story, and In Freedom’s Shade: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, Aaavirbhav by Swapnil Narendra narrates a hindi horror audio-story, Shamshaan Mein Ek Raat. about Wong as a Professional Wizard! "Suniye mere bachpan ka ek kissa, jab main josh josh mein apne ek dost ke saath Pret Darshan ke liye Shamshaan gayaa," he writes.

Meanwhile, Ishan Manjrekar who is also a part of our Travel Community introduced a new podcast to talk about games. "With this podcast I aim to try and speak to different people about their gaming experiences, their likes and dislikes when it comes to games. I would like to know more stories about people, and their love, or maybe even hate, for games," he writes.

On the other hand, the New India Foundation pens down a heart-rendering excerpt from Anis Kidwai’s moving memoir about post-Partition India, In Freedom’s Shade, originally written in Urdu & translated in English by NIF Author, Professor Ayesha Kidwai.

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Shamshaan Mein Ek Raat (Hindi Horror Audio-Story) by Swapnil Narendra

Where are we headed? by EChitragupt

Men about Manhattan, 1971 by S Mitra Kalita

EYRIE PEAK (Short Fiction) by Kat Lami

Introducing Playstyle | Podcast by Ishan Manjrekar

Excerpt: 'In Freedom’s Shade' by The New India Foundation