Taliban, Cosmographia, Black Widow Review and the Odds of the Universe: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week 

This week, Brahmananda Patra talks about Wong as a Professional Wizard! "Wong is a perfect wizard who has figured out, how to live in MCU's complicated storyline and earn a living as a freelance fighter," he writes.

Meanwhile, Rishad Tobaccowala discusses a series of thought experiments that one may apply to a range of topics. From returning back to the office to the cost of differentiated inputs to understanding the importance of time, he writes "Imagine then living in other people’s minds trying to ensure they think highly of us. Pursuing the plumbing and process of life and forgetting the poetry and passion. Watching the scoreboard and losing track of the ball."

On the other hand, Souhardya De speaks about Alberuni’s India: The Reign of the Hindu-Shahis of Kabul in Episode 4 of his Podcast, Cosmographia. Listen to his podcast here.

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Alberuni’s India: The Reign of the Hindu-Shahis of Kabul by Souhardya De

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