Pegasus, White Lotus, of Rabbit Holes and the Creator of the Universe: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week, On-Record Podcast speaks to Karthik Bappanad, the head of center for excellence in cyber security department of Karnataka Government in order to understand the potential of the Pegasus spyware and its implications on individual privacy and democracy in the country. Listen to the podcast here.

Meanwhile, Anisha Saigal reviews The White Lotus, the HBO Original Miniseries. "The White Lotus is easily one of the most promising entertainment distractions to have landed on our platters. For what it’s worth, this too points towards a deeply disturbing can of worms," she writes.

On the other hand, Vijayendra Mohanty points out the number one mistake made by those who think God created the universe. "The problem of false dichotomy. Assuming there are only two options when there is no reason to discard an infinitely large number of options," he writes. Watch his video here

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