Deepika Kumari, British India, Reading, and Tips to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week HarperCollins India talks about Roderick Matthews' latest book, Peace, Poverty, and Betrayal- a nuanced story of 'oblige and rule', the foundation of common purpose between colonisers and powerful Indians. "Matthews skilfully illustrates that the very diversity and ambiguity of British-Indian relations also drove the social changes that led to the struggle for independence," the article states.

Meanwhile, Anshul Dixit lists down Tips to prevent your Facebook account from getting hacked! "A person who wants to gain access to your account or create your fake profile would first go through your profile to figure out details about you. If they get all of this information, it gets easier to gain access to your account," he writes.

On the other hand, Anisha Saigal reviews My Unorthodox Life, the latest reality docu-drama miniseries from Netflix. "There is a thin line between making a point and manufacturing drama and the Haarts are unable to straddle that without falling down to the dramatic side," she writes.

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