Loki, Bombay, Obesity Epidemic and Love in the time of Lockdown: Here's what's trending on ScrollStack this week

This week Surabhi Jain, who runs curiocity.scrollstack.com, talks about Love in the Time of Lockdown. "I also had my own ups and downs dealing with fear and anxiety about the pandemic, about health, about the future, like so many others. But I found a constant source of comfort and compassion in his relaxed and cheerful demeanor," she writes. 

Meanwhile, Naresh Fernandes, who runs tajmahalfoxtrot.scrollstack.com  speaks about the marvel that a song composed in Bombay created around the globe- Bombay Meri Hai. "Bombay Meri Hai is among the songs in the “masala” section of Catholic wedding parties – the fast-paced crescendo during which revellers wave white handkerchiefs above their heads to conjure up a long-forgotten aboriginal past as they dance to Marathi and Konkani tunes," he writes.

On the other hand, ReSet talks about how the new invention of a magnetic contraption installed in the mouth that locks people’s jaws shut and restricts them to a liquid-only diet in order to fight the ‘Obesity Epidemic’ only perpetuates food shaming. "Experts studying nutrition and eating disorders have expressed their horror at this “barbaric” device but the researchers from the University of Otago, are convinced that their latest invention will help people," the article states.

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